(UN)LOCKED: Memories of Wuhan

(Un)Locked: Memories of Wuhan is a collection of essays, poetry, fiction, photography, and drawings about life in Wuhan before and during the early days of the Covid19 pandemic.

(UN)LOCKED: Memories of Wuhan

With contributions by:

  • Ou Ning
  • 麦巅
  • Nathanel Amar
  • Eugene Sun
  • 苏格
  • Chengzhong
  • 金怡菲
  • 赵景宜
  • 康骏
  • Ludan
  • Dino Ge Zhang
  • 地沟
  • 山鳩
  • LIU
  • 古宇
  • Menting Wang
  • 邓雯

Edited by Clément Renaud and Dino Ge Zhang
Designed by Christopher Adams

152 pages.

Published by Qiware / Scale on Apr 1st, 2021.


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