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(UN)LOCKED: Memories of Wuhan

(UN)LOCKED: Memories of Wuhan

(Un)Locked: Memories of Wuhan is a collection of essays, poetry, fiction, photography, and drawings about life in Wuhan before and during the early days of the Covid19 pandemic.

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Announcing the Scale ⚖️ "Multiplier" NFT airdrop June 30

Today we are announcing three things. First, we have assembled a founding editorial board to guide the future of Scale.

Second, we announce our next NFT airdop issue called Scale Multiplier. What is the issue about? From our editorial board:

SCALE is enormous or microscopic. Our goal is to find a balance. This issue of Scale will be comprised totally of writings by our editorial board to be released in a maximum print of macro and micros scale, one SVG file maxed out. This issues of scale will be the largest printed file ever in two dimension, ENORMOUS and MICROSCOPIC, from one NFT.

SCALE was founded in 2004 as a journal of art and technology. We minted in 2021 the first NFT book, a pdf. It was a digital token as part of our quarterly publishing cycle.

In April, SCALE released its latest issue, (UN)LOCKED: Memories of Wuhan, a deep-dive into the Chinese city's lived history before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. (UN)LOCKED was minted as the first PDF NFT on Hic et Nunc, and SCALE wrote the code to make this publication possible. We worked with Rafael Lima and the Hic et Nunc community as core developers. And, we must continue to build together.

Scale continues publishing quarterly with firsts in content production and cultural technology innovation.

Third, we are announcing on June 30, 2021 at noon cst, SCALE is releasing a new collection of original artworks and texts from our new editorial board, all works that are too big, too small, or impossible to print.

To celebrate, we're giving away the first eight copies. To snag one, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @scalepublishing
  2. Send us your your Tezos address when we ask through twitter DM.

Scale up with us towards the airdrop.

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