'New Tools for Organizing the Sensorium'

Accepting submissions for our next volume of SCALE: New Tools for Organizing the Sensorium curated by Tyler Chevéz Mathews.

The theme is pulled from Walter Ong’s Presence of the Word (1967). Ong was a cultural and religious historian, philosopher, and protégé and friend of Marshall McLuahn.

Man's sensory perceptions are abundant and overwhelming. He cannot attend to them all at once...It is useful to think of cultures in terms of the organization of the sensorium...the entire sensory apparatus as an operational complex.

We are assembling a field guide of new tools for making meaning of the new sensorium. We welcome diverse submissions which may include poems, executable code, recipes, essays, testimony, etc. Your contribution is bound by your imagination.

Deadline for submission is 30 September 2022, 23:59 CDT (UTC−05:00). There will be a limited number of submissions accepted so please don't delay!

Send submissions and inquiries to contact@scalepublishing.com