Scale ⚖️ "Sensorium" drop on Nov 18

The 3rd issue of SCALE ⚖️ Sensorium will be dropping Nov 18. Add your email below to get notified of the drop. The first 8 will receive the publication for free.

The theme is pulled from Walter Ong’s Presence of the Word (1967). Ong was a cultural and religious historian, philosopher, and protégé and friend of Marshall McLuahn.

Man's sensory perceptions are abundant and overwhelming. He cannot attend to them all at once...It is useful to think of cultures in terms of the organization of the sensorium...the entire sensory apparatus as an operational complex.

Edited by Tyler Chevéz Mathews, this issue contains contributions by Andrew McLuhan, Petra Cortright, Andy Hartzell, Luke Rollins, Paul Guzzardo, Tyler Chevéz Mathews, and Jon Phillips.

The cover has been created as a unique work of generative art by Makio135. You can refer to the original code to understand how it was created.

As before, the NFT will allow you to lift the paywall and access all contents.