SCALE Multiplier is a collection of 9 writings by, and introducing, the Scale Editorial Board. The writers considered the prompt of scales of writing, from normal to enormous to microscopic, the 6 month process of producing SCALE Multiplier demanded innovation: Reading, Sharing, or Scaling this collection requires that you have one of the 88 limited edition NFT’s to unlock the entire work.


With contributions by:

  • Christopher Adams
  • Paul Guzzardo
  • Mee Jey
  • Nicolas Nova
  • Jon Phillips
  • Clément Renaud
  • Niki Selken
  • Isaiah Sellers
  • Jey Sushil

Edited by Jon Philips and Clément Renaud.
Cover designed by Niki Selken

Published by Scale Publishing on Dec 31, 2021.

Table of contents


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